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  • Providing building code consulting services to building designers and others affected by construction codes  

... your partner through the acceptance process  

Webb Fire Protection Consulting, LLC (WFPC) is a firm providing consulting services for the fire safety aspects of the built environment.


We apply performance-based solutions intended to achieve project goals, recognizing local conditions.  This approach is particularly applicable to large mixed-use developments where code compliance may not be straightforward.  Where that occurs, we believe that alternative solutions that meet the intent of the code are needed.  We work with local authorities to seek their acceptance of the alternative approach.  We have applied this methodology successfully as building code and fire protection consultants for new and existing facilities throughout the world.  The approach involves: 
  • understanding the local code environment and its effect on the design and approval of the project
  • understanding the applicable codes and fire safety standards 
  • understanding building construction, building systems and their performance as they affect fire safety
  • analyzing the performance of proposed fire safety measures and systems
  • presenting proposed solutions to owners and relevant authorities

Core Services 

  • plan review for comparison to the fire safety aspects of codes
  • develop alternative solutions intended to meet the intent of the code
  • represent clients before code authorities and appeal boards
  • oversee performance tests for clients
  • evaluate existing building and occupancy requirements
  • analyze fire code requirements
  • analyze exit facilities
  • evaluate environmental conditions that may affect fire safety
  • evaluate building materials, systems and equipment
  • due diligence studies of fire safety provided in existing buildings  


Founder, William A. Webb is a registered professional engineer. His experience on building code and fire protection committees has given him firsthand appreciation of how to work within the system to represent client interests.  He is the direct representative for all technical services provided by the firm. 


15350 Flight Path Drive - Brooksville, FL 34604                  352.593.4144  352.593.4145 (Fax)
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